What Are TikTok's Steering Wheel Buddy Videos? Viral stuffed toy trend, Details explained

It's not the first time a Disney item has created an uproar this year. This year's Figment Popcorn Bucket was also a hit with fans, and was sold out within hours after its debut at Disney World. After waiting for hours just to buy one, some got bored and started to sell them for outrageous markups on sites like eBay. The item was priced at just $25 at Disney World, but was going for as much as $170 on the internet. In the moment, Steering Wheel Buddies aren't currently available on any of the online marketplaces for shopping. Target appears to be their only retailer. TikTok was used for its influence on particular items. It's possible that a product trending on TikTok can cause an increase in sales. The rise is most likely short-term. It's not the only time a Disney product has created some controversy this year. The fans were also enthralled by The Figment Popcorn Bucket, which sold out hours after the first time it was offered at Disney World. After waiting for ho